Thursday, July 2, 2015

Planning Your Green Wedding

Natural marriages are becoming more and more popular. More than 2 million partners get wedded each year in the United States alone. The average marriage costs approximately $25,000 creating a significant environmental and economical impact.

If you're like many of us you already generate a multiple car, take you own bags to the meals market and walk to work whenever possible. You'd like your marriage to reflect your eco-friendly lifestyle but with so many things to think of and strategy - is environment helpful really something you have time to add to your never ending to do list?

Here's the great news - the answer is yes! With many locations and providers already offering eco-friendly choices, planning your green marriage has never been easier! By just a few of our recommendations below you'll be able to have the marriage of your goals without limiting your principles or your style.


Did you know that the production of one gold band results in about 20 tons of my own waste! Classic jewelry are a fantastic option and can be found in many regional shops as well as on the internet on sites like eBay and Amazon. Close relatives treasure jewelry are also an excellent eco-friendly substitute which provide a lot of extra feeling too. If you'd really like to purchase a new band, don't fear - as there as still some green solutions.


Sending eco-friendly invitatations is a fantastic way to set the tone for your green marriage. Much paper is used throughout a traditional marriage which can easily be changed with more earth helpful solutions. Consider all the plants you'll be saving by finding other choices for your invites, save the date credit cards, RSVP credit cards, shower invites and RSVP credit cards, position credit cards, selection credit cards and thank you notes!

It's becoming more and more acceptable to use on the internet solutions for invites, some even provide on the internet and telephone rsvp solutions.

Wedding Outfit and Wedding Celebration Attire

You may not want to wear your mom's wedding dress - but don't fear as soft silk, natural cotton and almond are all excellent choices for an eco helpful wedding dress. Many wedding shops provide affordable and stylish off the holder and specialized choices. With these excellent styles you can choose whether or not to share the fact that your dress is green.

Remember to check out your regional second hand and task shops are they are often an excellent resource for wedding wedding outfit as well as regional marriage outfit rental shops.


Choosing a position close to where your guests stay will lower the impact of their transport. If you reside in Florida but the majority for yourself members reside in New You are able to - strategy to get wedded in New You are able to if possible. Many partners select one position for both the wedding and wedding reception. An outdoor marriage will decrease the use of non reusable designs as you can use nature for your background.

Plantable position configurations are an excellent eco-friendly option.

Consider hiring regional sound artists and a regional natural food caterer. Left over meals can be contributed to a regional meals generate or abandoned protection.


Here's an area where there's lots of opportunity to go green! Consider carrying artificial blossoms instead of a clean cut aroma. If you really must have real blossoms - find a regional natural flower shop who uses reprocessed appearance. Bridal party could carry related bags or artificial blossoms. Use stay vegetation as desk designs instead of clean cut blossoms. After the marriage your desk designs, blossoms and vegetation could be contributed to a regional medical center or retirement home.


Remember that even standard resorts are applying some green principles like not changing bed sheets and pillowcases and shower each day.

We hope our recommendations above help you strategy saving money marriage of your goals.

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