Sunday, June 14, 2015

FAIR comment on FSCO Draft Statement of Priorities 2015

Why is it that there is so little mention of the priorities/concerns of the injured victims the system purports to serve?

If it is truly the mandate of the FSCO and the “measurement of providing regulatory services that protect the public interest and enhance public confidence in the regulated sectors” then shouldn’t the quality of the coverage and access to that coverage be of utmost importance?

If people had confidence in the quality of the coverage and access to benefits as promised, would over 20,000 people be signing a petition?

When hundreds of people rally at Queen’s Park to protest the cuts to benefits to the most catastrophically injured of Ontario’s auto accident victims; is that not a clear signal that consumers (in this case people who have used the product) have lost confidence in our coverage?

Read more at: FAIR submission to FSCO Statement of Priorities 2015

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