Sunday, June 14, 2015

Whats on the Public Register at CPSO?

Wondering about that assessor you are going to see?

What is on the Public Register (

You have the right to contact HPARB and ask whether or not the insurer assessor to whom they are being sent has any CPSO censures that were appealed to them. HPARB decisions are publicly accessible. http://www.hparb.

The Health Professions Appeal and Review Board is an independent adjudicative agency.
On request, it:
  • Reviews decisions made by the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committees of the self-regulating health professions Colleges in Ontario;
  • Conducts reviews and hearings of orders of the Registration Committees of the Colleges; and
  • Holds hearings concerning physicians' hospital privileges under the Public Hospitals Act.

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