Sunday, September 13, 2015

Community Development Programmes Can Surely Help India Become a Developed Country

Despite reeling under the economic crisis driven by the global economic pressure and rising liquidity crunch, development of India is continuing though at a slow pace. If the country has to evolve into a developed nation from a developing one, it has to essentially focus on building socially and economically empowered communities of people who are educated, literate, technically-sound, resilient, adaptable, skilled, capable of handling challenges, and high on the values of helping the others to bring on the change in their lives and others'.
An educated and economically-strong person, be it a man or woman, can help other persons understand and evaluate their options to earn livelihood, improve their quality of life, contribute to the social and government responsibilities like paying taxes and keeping the public properties safe and clean etc., help reduce the burden of economic pressure on each individual, become a prominent activist to help address the national issues, or do other miscellaneous things. Thus, it can be said that development of India relies on various factors spanning socio-economic stability, livelihood opportunities, continuing international trades, balance of imports and exports more exports will be good and less imports will be the best, preference and improvements in the production and consumption of domestic goods (like China does), empowerment of the rural communities, improvement in health care services and solutions, rise in per capita income, skilled human resources, development of the underprivileged communities and connecting them to the streamline to help them contribute to the national growth, proper channelization of the power, resources, food, and upkeep of the flora and fauna among several others. Since India is home to several religions and communities, privileged and underprivileged, there is a strong need for effectual and result-oriented community development programmes which help every individual, whether woman or man, become empowered mentally, economically, and socially.
The foundation of Community Development Programmes was first laid in 1952 in India post-independence to recollect the distorted national growth by uniting all the communities, removing social and economic disparities, instituting educational programmes, enforcing administration and governance through five-year-plans, promoting agricultural programmes to ensure nationwide availability of food for the people and the fauna, enforcing health education and services, evaluating the growth and effecting necessary changes, instituting law and order for the public safety and more. Since then, the development of India has relied on the effectuality, promotion, improvement, amendments, and growth of various such programmes and planning as well as the governance and administration in the country. Usually community development programmes involve the set of predefined practices carried out under the governed and authorized courtesies by civic/social activists, professionals, government bodies, NGOs, and citizens to help promote gender equality, financial stability, raise awareness, and do other miscellaneous things. Below are some of the objectives of such programs.
Objectives of Community Development Programmes:-
1 Provide food, shelter, clothing, and fulfill other basic needs of people
2 Provide people with necessary skills and capabilities to earn livelihood
3 Implement and promote primary and higher educational programmes to improve literacy and create skilled workforce
4 Raise awareness towards health issues, fitness, mental stability, and more
5 Enforce health educational programmes in schools, colleges and other institutional programmes
6 Ensure health care services and solutions everywhere in towns, villages, and urban areas
7 Focus on the development of rural areas to help them become skilled and capable to earn livelihood and employment and connect them to the mainstream
8 Promote socio-economic welfare, health and wealth
9 Develop underprivileged communities and bring them to the mainstream India
10 Raise awareness for individual independence and esteem
11 Raise awareness for fulfilling the social responsibilities like paying taxes on time, keeping public property safe, contributing to the national growth
12 Develop result-oriented and effective skill improvement programmes and plans
13 Simplify the governance and administration procedure to help reach the information and utilize it for true identity and proper government records
14 Run workshops and campaigns to combat against the social evils like gender inequality, dowry, female feticide, casteism, divide between the poor and rich
15 Implement the sports-oriented activities at all levels
16 Introduce profession and business opportunities to help wannabe entrepreneurs get the right start
17 Evaluation and re-evaluation of the programmes to improve the results
18 Miscellaneous activities

In a nutshell it can be said that community development programmes are the need of India to become a powerful, stable, and developed country. India is merely a term to represent its millions and billion people who if do not become empowered cannot help it become what it is dreamt of. What's more is required the proper and transparent system, governance, administration, policy implementation, and their timely evaluation to review the results and enforce the required changes. A nation is nothing without its people and that is why it is very important to understand their problems and fix them from the time when they crop up to help it emerge as a supreme power on the world's map.

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