Saturday, September 12, 2015

Rural Health Care in India and Health Awareness Programme

Health is one of the primary concerns enclosed with powerful schemes under rural development programme. As a part of this programme, DLF Foundation has initiated better healthcare facilities in rural India with a mission to eradicate poverty by creating healthy tomorrows.

Our program is packed with a vision to open hundreds of primary healthcare units in remote areas of villages. Better quality healthcare is ensured with affordable medical services. Our team at DLF Foundation makes sure that a quality infrastructure has been laid to perfection.
Simply educating the marginalized communities have become possible through informative discussions via voice technology on mobile phones.

The primary objective of the rural development programme is the availability and reach ability of complete healthcare. The program is aimed at connecting people to better facilities and services through community health centers. We have taken an initiative to introduce education and learning schemes through schools and colleges.

In fact, many health programs run under government of India have cease its effectiveness due to gaps in the implementation. At DLF, with our continuous efforts we have been able to establish a series of Primary health centers that provide free medical consultancy, treatment through specialized doctors, free diagnosis and medication to a large community of people living in rural areas.

DLF Foundation has taken important measures to improve Rural Healthcare in India. Set-up of mulch-specialty trauma centers, fully equipped and operational laboratory facilities, installation of monitoring machineries, availability of free or subsidized medicine and many more facilities and services. Free medical counseling and diagnostic services has been well worked out in rural areas. 

Qualified, professional and experienced teams of doctors are deployed with advance technological machines to control the death rates in the villages. To help rural people with on-time health services, we have provided 24/7 availability of ambulance or emergency services.

General health awareness is raised with concerns related to hygiene, diseases, symptoms and preventive measures. Usually, the awareness is generated through campaigns, street plays, workshops and posters. Our health awareness programme is focused on improving or changing current healthcare system. Mobile technology is introduced towards advanced healthcare delivery especially upgrading the quality of maternity health care in India.

This has also helped in making women aware of their rights to demand quality care services, bringing accountability and increasing uptake of appropriate health services at correct time and place. The service has been able to derive quality care checklist especially for expectant mothers and their respective families.

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